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Since the onset of the Change Healthcare outage on February 21, 2024 the healthcare industry has been thrust into a state of uncertainty. With potential disruptions lasting for weeks, healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges. Stay informed about updates on the situation through the UnitedHealth Group status page: UHC Status Page. In this critical period, having a reliable solution is imperative to ensure the uninterrupted flow of revenue cycle operations and patient care. maxRTE Real-Time Insurance Eligibility & Discovery software can play a pivotal role in helping healthcare providers swiftly navigate through the Change Healthcare cyberattack.

The Challenge at Hand

The Change Healthcare outage has left many healthcare providers grappling with disruptions in their insurance eligibility and discovery systems. Such interruptions can have severe consequences, affecting the financial health of healthcare organizations and the delivery of timely patient care.

In times of crisis, having a solution that can be quickly implemented is crucial. maxRTE offers a web-based portal that allows clients to go live with a workaround in mere minutes. This agility is essential for healthcare providers looking to minimize downtime and resume normal operations swiftly.

Key Features of maxRTE Real-Time Insurance Eligibility & Discovery Software

  1. Workaround in Minutes: Our web-based portal ensures quick and easy access for healthcare providers. Clients can get access and implement a workaround within minutes, providing a temporary solution to bridge the gap until the primary systems are restored.
  2. Rapid Implementation: Our software offers robust API integration with all major EHRs that can be accelerated to a 2-week implementation timeframe. This quick turnaround time is crucial for healthcare providers who need to restore their operations with a reliable solution.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures: Given the rising threats of ransomware attacks in the healthcare sector, maxRTE places a strong emphasis on security. Our software is designed with advanced security features to safeguard patient data and is SOC 2 Type II, CAQH CORE and DirectTrust certified.

Supporting the Industry During a Ransomware Attack

At maxRTE, we recognize the challenges posed by the Change Healthcare outage. We are committed to supporting the healthcare industry during these difficult times. Our team is dedicated to providing timely assistance, ensuring that healthcare providers can continue their essential services without compromising data security and accuracy.

The Change Healthcare outage underscores the vulnerability of healthcare systems to cyber threats. In the face of such challenges, having a reliable and agile solution is paramount. maxRTE Real-Time Insurance Eligibility & Discovery Software offers a lifeline for healthcare providers, allowing them to navigate the outage seamlessly and maintain continuity in revenue cycle operations. Learn more about how maxRTE’s Insurance Discovery & Eligibility software stands above the rest and request a free test file today.