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Unlock Hidden Revenue

maxRTE Insurance Discovery ROI

Discover how our innovative software can uncover billable insurance and boost your revenue.

Simplify Processes

Automate batches or real-time discovery pre-registration, at point-of-service, post service, and with regular lookbacks to capture retro-approved Medicaid. Resolve COB issues and reduce eligibility-related denials.

Maximize Revenue

Leverage advanced algorithms to automatically identify and recover missed insurance from over 1000 payers. Locate billable coverage for over 20% of your self-pay population.

Easily Install

 Don’t wait days, weeks or months to start gaining the revenue boost from Insurance Discovery. Our web-based portal is ready to use in hours or integrate with seamless EHR batch or API integration.

See how maxRTE's Insurance Discovery software generated an additional $3,473,407 for a 245-bed Georgia Health System in only one year!

And at one third the cost, because we don't charge contingency fees.

That's an ROI of 2,894% over one year. Check out our ROI Calculator below to estimate your ROI using maxRTE's Insurance Discovery.

ROI Calculator

Calculate the Return on Investment from using maxRTE Insurance Discovery.

Unlock Your Insurance Potential

Ready to see how maxRTE can transform your insurance discovery process? Speak to one of our Insurance Discovery Agents to learn more about how our software can generate additional reimbursements. 

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