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maxRTE Insurance Eligibility Software Uncomplicated. Dependable. Flexible.

We know that getting paid – or prompt payment – often is dependent upon knowing what the patient’s benefits are up front.  maxRTE provides instantaneous eligibility verification – at the point-of-registration – eliminating manual processes and multiple system logins, in real-time or batch.  Plus, our pricing is all-in – setup, installation, and training.

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Gain immediate benefits the day you sign


Protect patient privacy with secure and encrypted technology which meets HIPAA Guidelines.

Real Time

Access real-time and batch eligibility verification of patient insurance coverage with a simple click from your browser.


Intuitive data includes coverage effective dates, co-payments, health benefits caps, deductibles, lifetime days, therapy caps, secondary coverages and coverage policies.

Plug & Play

Simple plug and play solution that integrates into your existing systems, no need to implement a full revenue cycle suite of products.

Query all payers

Query all payers with a single transaction.


Save eligibility inquiry history and quickly retrieve, as needed.


Choose your pricing. Flat monthly fee or a metered, transaction-based option.

Easy to Switch

Easy to switch from current vendor to maxRTE.

Let us find your unpaid insurance-eligible self-pays so you can submit claims and collect your money.

Choose Your Pricing

  • Includes integration into EHR systems and knowledgeable, friendly human help — 24/7
  • All-inclusive – no set -up, installation, or training fees
  • Simple, straightforward 2-page contracts
  • Transparent pricing — no hidden or extra fees

Choose between a flat monthly subscription fee with unlimited users, transactions and locations, or choose a metered transaction-based fee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"maxRTE is great to work with because they are responsive, are willing to modify and customize their web portal for all our clinics as needed and maxRTE's web portal gives us the ability to access all the payers that we require." - Catherine M. Ellingson, Business Office Manager, West Side Community Health Services, Inc.…Read more

“maxRTE allows my ED staff to instantaneously check patient eligibility even when our EHR system is down.   maxRTE also gives my staff easy access to verify multiple payers with a single eligibility request.” – Kakieta Harvey – Regions Supervisor, Admitting ED.…Read more

“We’ve gone from 48 days in receivables to 38 days due to our ability to do eligibility queries up front and determine coverage more accurately.” – Rex Overton – HealthPartners.…Read more

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