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Helping healthcare organizations strengthen their finances for 20+ years

Getting to Today

From our foundational on-premise work offering hospitals and clinics self-pay/early-out payment conversion and Medicaid application services for almost 20 years, we saw an opportunity to use our workflow technology and best practices to help clients more effectively and efficiently secure payment at the front-end of the revenue cycle rather than incur collection costs at the back-end of the cycle.

We first introduced our insurance verification software (Real Time Eligibility) to support Medicaid queries in Minnesota and continued to expand our commercial payer list as our clients’ needs grew.

Today most of the payers in most states are included. In 2014 we launched a flexible web-based version that makes Real Time Eligibility accessible by desktop, tablet or remote locations.

The introduction of our Insurance Discovery software years later applied our knowledge of timely filing limits and retro approval periods for all states and payers to cost-effectively solving the growing financial strain of uncompensated care.

While our solutions, like many advancements, reduce the need for our self-pay conversion service revenues, we remain focused on our mission to help our clients strengthen their financial health with cost-effective technology. We are committed to providing the healthcare community with the best and most comprehensive revenue cycle software, while maintaining high standards, levels of integrity, and attention to customer service.

By transferring the responsibility of identifying coverage and benefits from the patient to technology, healthcare providers can ensure accuracy and maintain patient relationships.

Learn more about how the healthcare industry is accelerating revenue cycles and recuperating uncompensated care with our easy-to-use software that seamlessly integrates with electronic health record systems.

Advanced Technology & Data Protection

maxRTE takes data and security privacy seriously and upholding the highest industry standards for compliance is our top priority. Our organization is SOC2 Type II compliant, CAQH Core Eligibility and Benefits certified, EHNAC (DirectTrust) HNAP-EHN accredited, and HIPAA compliant.