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Increase Patient Satisfaction by Automating Eligibility Verification Processes

Increase Patient Satisfaction by Automating Eligibility Verification Processes

Automating eligibility verification at the front desk speeds up check in and increases patient satisfaction job ...


What is maxRTE Insurance Eligibility Verification?

In a single click, it provides healthcare providers an opportunity to immediately verify patients’ health insurance at the point of registration. Your team can quickly inform patients of their health insurance coverage and arrange for payment for uncovered expenses. Time is money, and your registration staff don’t want to spend their time logging into multiple payer websites (multiple times a day) or finding and regularly changing logins and passwords. That’s where maxRTE comes in. We’ll help you avoid denials and payment delays with accurate billing.

What is maxRTE Insurance Discovery?

maxRTE Insurance Discovery is a way for healthcare providers to find unknown health insurance coverage on their self-pay patients. Our insurance discovery can find primary, secondary and tertiary coverage on as much as 25% of self-pay accounts.

How is maxRTE different than the rest?

Compared to other solutions, our technology stands above the rest. Our proprietary algorithm technology locates a higher percentage of unknown commercial and exchange plans. Our technology can also find unknown government coverage including Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare. This means you’ll receive a higher accuracy of responses, which lowers your number of denials. In fact, we excel in every key area, from our value pricing, easy installation and round-the-clock support.

How does maxRTE Insurance Discovery work with Medicaid?

Yes! Our technology enables submission of zero balance accounts to locate primary coverage to Medicaid. This is especially helpful for Medicaid take back payments.

Why is your maxRTE Insurance Discovery so successful?

We can deliver a higher ROI compared to other solutions because of our knowledge of timely filing limits and retro approval periods.

How much does maxRTE cost?

Our flexible model is budget friendly for you. We offer a flat monthly subscription fee with unlimited transactions and no payer caps. This is strikingly different than our competitors, who charge you based on number of transactions and added contingency fees.


Wait, did you say unlimited transactions?

Yes! You’ll have an unlimited number of transactions with maxRTE Insurance Discovery. This means you don’t have to limit your insurance discovery capabilities.

And there’s no contingency fee?

No! We offer a flat, monthly subscription rate, and that’s what makes us unique. This delivers a savings of 70% or more compared to competitors with contingency-fee pricing models (and there are several of them who charge you contingency fees!).

Okay, this all sounds great. How fast can we start submitting files?

Immediately. You can begin submitting Insurance Discovery batch files on day one. We begin processing transactions the same day you have a file ready to submit. This is different than the competitors, who typically ask for 30-90 days to implement and get started. This means you’ll start seeing the results immediately, too. Your cash flow will quickly increase, you’ll limit claim denials, and your staff will be pleased they don’t need to conduct so many patient follow-ups.

Is there a cost to implement maxRTE?

No. Implementation is quick and easy…and it’s free.

Do we need IT approval?

Quick to implement…? No need to replace legacy systems…Plus, our system updates without your IT staff involvement, making it easy for everyone.

What payers do you offer?

We work with an extensive network of payers nationwide. maxRTE Payer List 4.22.22

Does the technology work with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)?

Yes. maxRTE integrates into most EHRs. You can integrate maxRTE at the time of EHR implementation, or you can use maxRTE’s capabilities…even if you’ve implemented another revenue cycle solution.

What happens if we have a problem?

Our customer support is available around the clock, offering an unprecedented level of service. You’ll always talk with a live person.

How do we get started?

Start by scheduling a demo to see our superior technology in action. Or, you can contact us to submit a test batch file and see for yourself how easy it is to increase your bottom line by finding unknown coverage.

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