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maxRTE Insurance Discovery: A Simple Way to Recuperate Uncompensated Care

 Image with text: the most cost-effective, uncomplicated, reliable, and flexible tool for finding unknown insurance for self-pay patients.

You do everything you can to provide the highest level of patient care and satisfaction. Unfortunately, you’re not always able to collect the compensation you’re owed for the services you provide. Industry trends are creating more self-pay patients, which can make collections more challenging for medical providers. 

One of the most effective ways to combat the out-of-control costs of uncompensated care is to find unknown insurance coverage for self-pay accounts with maxRTE Insurance Discovery. Access payers in a single click, and learn in seconds about health insurance coverage/benefits that self-pay patients may not know they were entitled to. Our batch file option through EHR integration or file transfer via SFTP makes Insurance Discovery an extremely easy tool for verifying eligibility that will help you find coverage and speed up your revenue cycle.

Our proprietary technology locates a higher percentage of unknown commercial and exchange payer plans, workers compensation benefits, Third-party administrators (TPAs), and Cobra coverage compared to other solutions. And our ability to unearth unknown government coverage, including Medicare (with Medicare Beneficiary Identifier [MBI]), Medicaid, and Tricare is unmatched. In addition, our Insurance Discovery technology and processes identify patient insurance plans that are at risk of future remit take backs, giving you the opportunity to prevent them.

A big part of preventing uncompensated care is to give patients accurate information about health benefit eligibility upfront. Our insurance verification software also gives front office staff immediate access to patient eligibility before services are rendered. This kind of eligibility verification can increase patient satisfaction because they’ll avoid denials and problems from non-coverage. They may also discover coverage for which they didn’t know they were eligible. Accurate insurance eligibility verification will also insure you take care of your business needs. 

See just how easy Insurance Discovery is to use.

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Proven Results

A three-hospital, 245-bed Healthcare system in Northeast Georgia used Insurance Discovery eligibility verification software from maxRTE for one year to find coverage for 4,649 self-pay patients for total reimbursement of $3,473,407.


Chart showing outcomes from hospitals using insurance verification tools from maxRTE

A 300-bed facility completed an insurance test file. maxRTE Insurance Discovery found 357 billable accounts, totaling over $852,000 in total charges. The facility was able to bill after final review, resulting in more than $250,000 in remits & previously unknown revenue.

Best of the Bunch

Our proprietary algorithm technology and extensive knowledge of payer filing and retro-approval periods enable us to provide a solution that consistently outperforms other software in finding previously unknown coverage. In fact, it excels in every key area—value pricing, ease of installation, superior support, and flexible processing—as shown in the following chart:

Chart - shows comparison between maxRTE medical insurance verification software and other solutions

Easily Installed, Ready to Use in Hours

    Your organization won’t have to wait days, weeks or months to start gaining the financial benefits of Insurance Discovery. Simply create a log-in to the maxRTE website, set up your NPI number and your usernames/passwords, and you’re ready to look for coverage for self-pay patients.

    Full integration with your EHR will take a bit longer, but your staff can continue to check eligibility the easy way without time-consuming payer calls or accessing their web portals.

    maxRTE’s on-line training and support are always available during regular business hours from our team of specialists. If you happen to need assistance overnight, on weekends or holidays, we provide reasonable response times.

    EHR integrations, payer connections and feature/function enhancements are all provided within the agreement and covered under the flat monthly fee.

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