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maxRTE Prior Authorizations

Automate your Patient Access Workflow

Streamlined Eligibility + Prior Authorization

Save your team time by simplifying the entire patient access workflow. Now within one platform you can perform eligibility verifications, benefit checks, insurance discovery and prior authorization requests. New payer connections and feature enhancements are all provided and included in our flat monthly fee.

One Stop Shop

Our platform streamlines the
authorization process across multiple
payers. Easy dashboard tracking makes it simple to access your submissions in one place. No need to log in to multiple portals to check statuses or track progress.

Automated Status Checks

Eliminate manual work and stop spending hours calling, emailing and faxing payers. maxRTE will check for status updates automatically, and notify your team when there is any change. This ensures you meet tight payer timelines for approval, avoiding costly denials later in the revenue cycle.

Instant Determination

Is a Prior Authorizations needed? Our engine flags procedures that do not require prior authorization, saving your team hours spent submitting unnecessary prior authorizations. We continuously update our engine based on the latest payer guidelines so your team can spend less time in payer portals and more time delivering care.

See just how easy Prior Authorization is to use.

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Easily Setup, Ready to Use in Hours

    Your organization won’t have to wait days, weeks or months to start gaining the financial benefits of Prior Authorizations. Simply create a log-in to the maxRTE website, set up your NPIs and your usernames/passwords, and you’re ready to start submitting requests.

    Full integration with your EHR will take a bit longer, but your staff can continue to submit prior authorizations the easy way without time-consuming payer calls or accessing their web portals.

    maxRTE’s on-line training and support are always available during regular business hours from our team of specialists. If you happen to need assistance overnight, on weekends or holidays, we provide reasonable response times.

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