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maxRTE Real Time Eligibility: The Easy Way to Get Paid

In a single click, registration staff can verify a patient’s insurance coverage and benefits, and can share with patients exactly what insurance will cover for their visit and what the patient’s financial responsibility will be. What’s more, accurate, up-to-date insurance information helps ensure accurate billing to avoid denials and payment delays.

See just how easy Real Time Eligibility is to use.

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Quick start-up & easy maintenance

  • Setup completed within hours for immediate use.
  • No need to replace any legacy systems.
  • Automated software or system updates without IT staff involvement.
  • 24/7 helpline for live assiastance.

Flexible, all-in pricing

  • Flat monthly subscription fee (unlimited users, transactions, and facilities)
  • Includes set-up, implementation, and training.

RCM Billing Services Reduce Claim Rejection & Denials

Incorrect understanding of the patient’s insurance coverage and benefits up front leads to costly claim rejection and denial. With hundreds of payers and their health plans integrated into maxRTE, staff can quickly and easily:

  • Check and verify insurance eligibility
  • Process an entire patient list days in advance or conduct single inquiries the day of service
  • Determine patient coverage/benefits
  • Estimate patient responsibility
  • Collect payment for uncovered services during registration

Easy-to-read payer responses help identify patient coverage and self-pay accounts, so appropriate payment arrangements can be made when necessary. Accurate patient coverage and benefits verification shortens the revenue cycle with:

  • Clean billing data
  • Lower collection costs
  • Increased point-of-service collections
  • Fewer accounts receivable days

Easily Installed, Ready to Use in Hours

    You won’t have to wait days, weeks or months to start gaining the financial benefits of Real Time Eligibility. Simply create a log-in to the maxRTE website, set up your NPI number and your usernames/passwords, and you’re ready to check patient insurance eligibility.

    Full integration with your EHR will take a bit longer, but your staff can continue to check eligibility the easy way without time-consuming payer calls or accessing their web portals.

    Our on-line training and support are always available during regular business hours. If you happen to have an issue overnight, on weekends or holidays, we provide reasonable response times.

    EHR integrations, payer connections and feature/function enhancements are all provided within the agreement covered under the flat monthly fee.

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